How do you approach revision with your students? Is it a stage in the writing process right after “drafting” and just before “editing?” What if revision is something that happens in the mindset of the writer during the writing process, not just on the page, after it’s done?

Let’s face it: revision takes significant effort and time. For most of us, it can be a daunting task just to complete a draft, let alone revise it. Once we finish a draft, it can feel agonizing to have to let go of parts or change them, when we know how much work it takes. In The Writer’s Mindset, Chris Hall shows how to apply a new lens on your writing workshop practices to help students spark a writer’s mindset as they move beyond revision resistance.

In this sample, you will find:

  • Foreword: Room 201 by Linda Rief
  • Chapter 1: Reimagining Revision: From a Stage to a Mindset