Thank you for exploring What’s the Best That Could Happen?

by Debbie Miller


Miller_What's the best that could happen

"Teaching is about taking responsibility, not about following orders. Teaching is about creativity, not about limiting possibilities. Teaching is about relationships with children, not about rigid structures."

—Debbie Miller

Uncovering new possibilities in teaching and learning

In What’s the Best That Could Happen?, Debbie Miller confronts a challenge all teachers face: the feeling of being stuck and the fear of trying something new. She explores how questions help us look beyond the limitations of what we’ve done and discover powerful new opportunities for teaching and learning.

You’ll find practical insights and critical understandings that will benefit you and your children. More importantly, you’ll learn to do this work yourself: asking your own beautiful questions, grappling with the messiness that surfaces, and finding answers that inspire something new and worthy in your teaching.

In this sample, you'll read about:

  • the power of asking and exploring a beautiful question
  • a close look at one of the questions Debbie asked: “What If Each Day’s Teaching Focused on Children’s Agency?”
  • strategies for approaching a compelling question once we’ve asked it.