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Trusting Readers puts the independence back into independent reading—and bolsters that independence with collaboration. 

In Part 1 of Trusting Readers, Jen and Hannah define independent reading as based on the principles of time, choice, talk, and teacher support. Each chapter keeps student independence and reading identity development at the forefront, while leading teachers through the process of setting up classroom routines that safeguard time and space for independent reading in any environment. Part 2 focuses on conferring during independent reading using The Cycle of Conferring, a framework that teachers can use to help students set meaningful reading goals that not only build their skills, but also support their growth into joyful, purposeful, engaged readers.

In this sample, you will find:                                                                                        

  • Table of Contents      
  • Introduction
  • Part One: Trust Independent Reading
    • Independent Reading Redefined
    • The Role of Trust in Independent Reading
    • A Call to Action: Why the Urgency for Independent Reading Now?
    • A Moment for Reflection: Principles of Independent Reading
  • Chapter One: All Roads Lead to Independent Reading
    • Crafting Instruction That Inspires Independent Reading
      • A Balanced Literacy Perspective
      • How Curriculum Can Support Independent Reading
      • How the Read-Aloud Supports Independent Reading