Trauma-Responsive Pedagogy explores the research and practices around trauma-informed education in an easy-to-digest, actionable text that elevates the healing and wellness of both the children and the adults in our classrooms. It describes the challenges of a classroom that does not attend to adversity and trauma, then presents the research on trauma-responsive classrooms, and finally provides an inclusive framework that supports educators in centering the whole child in their classrooms—offering a recipe for what to do next period, next week, and next school year.

In this sample you will find:

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction by Nell K. Duke
  • Letter to Readers
  • Section 1: NOT THIS Schools as Places That Cause Trauma
    • An Invitation for Educators
  • Section 3: BUT THAT Teaching for Healing and Transformation: The Seven Stages to Trauma-Responsive Pedagogy
    • Seven Stages to Trauma-Responsive Pedagogy
  • Afterword by M. Colleen Cruz