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The Civically Engaged Classroom


In this sample, you will find:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 3: Engaged Citizens Question Their Sources of Information

Striking a balance between critical questioning and outright distrust of the media is essential for the health of our democracy as a whole—especially in today’s media minefield. The antidote is to teach students to read closely, to bring sophisticated reading practices to the texts in front of them, including reading for underlying, implicit ideas; for logical reasoning and logical fallacies; for connotative language, and interpret embedded numbers, statistics, and charts.

 This sample includes several lessons for you to try with your students, including:

  • Weighing and Evaluating Evidence within a Text
  • Interpreting Numbers, Statistics, and Embedded Charts with Careful, Cautious Attentiveness
  • Investigating the Possibility of Untrustworthy News
  • Reading Around a Text
  • Considering the Effects of Master Narratives
  • Center Counternarratives