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Teaching Talk


“Conversation is the currency of most ideas in the world.”
–Kara Pranikoff

Talk is expansive. It’s full of possibility. It’s a resource already filling our classroom lives. It’s impossible to imagine teaching that is void of voices. Regardless of age group or content area, teachers and students talk. That’s what they do.

The question is, how can we use student talk to the best of its potential?

Teaching Talk is a resource to help you make the most of the talk that is already part of your classroom and increase its potential for learning. By re-envisioning classroom discussion as a way to explore ideas, Kara Pranikoff offers practical ways to help students grow as conversationalists and sharing strategies to strengthen both talking and listening in conversation.

Each chapter of this book addresses one element of classroom talk. In this sample, you will read about one of the most important elements of classroom conversation: How to Listen.