Teaching Science for Understanding


Teaching Science for Understanding is a comprehensive, exquisitely written guide and well-illustrated resource for high quality teaching and learning of inquiry-based science…many science teachers will rightly regard this book as a best friend who never ceases to provide unparalleled good advice on practically all facets of teaching school science.”
—Hubert M. Dyasi, Ph.D., Retired Professor of City College and City University of New York

Read a sample section from Wynne Harlen’s new book, Teaching Science for Understanding in Elementary and Middle Schools. In it, Wynne talks about how best to engage students in activities that deepen their curiosity about the world and promote enjoyment of science. This sample from Chapter 1 (“Why Teach Science? What Science Should We Teach?”) includes:

  • an examination of six important features of effective science teaching
  • vignettes that capture students and teachers in 
  • why teaching science through inquiry is essential for developing students’ curiosity and critical thinking skills.