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STEM Lesson Guideposts


“Like highway marker signs, these ‘guideposts’ provide direction and key information at critical times when planning your STEM journey.”
—Jo Anne Vasquez, Michael Comer, Joel Villegas

Read a sample from the second chapter of STEM Lesson Guideposts. In it, the authors introduce the W.H.E.R.E. model: an approach to developing interactive, engaging STEM learning experiences built on the principles of backward design.

The five areas of the W.H.E.R.E. model introduced in this sample are:

  • What and why: What needs to be learned and why?
  • How: How do I plan to meet this goal?
  • Evidence and evaluate: What evidence of learning will be used and how will I evaluate the final product?
  • Rigor and relevance: How will I provide opportunities that will lead to increased rigor and relevance?
  • Excite, engage, and explore: What exploration activities will excite the students and engage them in the STEM practices?

These five guideposts are explored in greater depth throughout the book, offering extensive support for planning and organizing STEM lessons and units.