STEM Lesson Essentials


“STEM is not a single subject that replaced several others…By linking these four subjects and planning to teach them holistically, we have the opportunity to provide more meaningful and motivating lessons.”

—Jo Anne Vasquez, Cary Sneider, and Michael Comer

What does STEM education actually mean? In this sample from STEM Lesson Essentials, Jo Anne Vasquez, Cary Sneider, and Michael Comer begin to answer this question by looking at the story of Stacy Greene, a teacher who has long incorporated the tenets of STEM education into her instruction. You’ll read about:

  • Stacy’s challenge of effectively communicating about STEM education with parents
  • a definition of STEM learning, including key questions to consider as you think about STEM
  • a snapshot of the key areas this book will take you through in exploring STEM teaching and learning.

You’ll also find a sample of the type of reflective question that end each chapter, helping educators consider how STEM integrates into their classrooms, schools, and districts.