Thanks for your interest in downloading a sample from the Math by the Book series. Math by the Book is a grade-by-grade elementary math resource that supports the integration of math and literacy.

In this sample from Math by the Book: First Grade*, you’ll get an overview of the features found throughout every book in the series.

You’ll also be able to review a full chapter (Chapter 13: Comparing two-digit numbers) which includes:

  • About the Book and About the Math sections that connect the mathematical concept and the recommended children’s book (Too Many Mangos by Tammy Paikai)
  • Two lessons that use Too Many Mangos as a starting point to investigate and explore the idea of comparing two-digit numbers
  • Additional support and practice activities that include tips for differentiation, additional problems and prompts, and interactive practice
  • More book choices and a link to language arts that can help extend the work of comparing numbers.

*Additional sample chapters will be available soon. Check back regularly to download additional samples for review.