Literacy Moves Outdoors

Literacy Moves Outdoors is your invitation to move literacy outdoors wherever you are. You will find five broad approaches to literacy that you can move outdoors: Literacy to Go, Word Gardens, StoryWalks®, Interpretive Signage, and Literacy Trails. Each has its own chapter, and you will find first steps, varied entry points, logistics, literacy connections, and ways that you can level up once you’re ready. All of the approaches incorporate excellent children’s books—relevant beginning lists of both fiction and nonfiction titles are offered, and you will more than likely add some of your favorites as you try things out.

There are multiple ways to create experiences outside of the classroom that invite students to make discoveries about literacy, particularly about purpose and audience, and Literacy Moves Outdoors provides a continuum for different levels of investment in terms of your time and materials. You might be ready to dip your toe into literacy outdoors on a beautiful day with the “literacy to go” backpacks. If you’re ready to reshape a whole curricular unit on writing to inform, the chapter on signage might work for you as your starting point. A story walk might be the perfect way to have a celebration of your poetry unit.

In this sample you will find:

Chapter 1: Move Literacy Outdoors

  • Why Move Literacy Outdoors?
    • Outdoors is the New Classroom
    • Outdoors is for Every Learner
    • Finding Ways into Outdoor Literacy Learning
    • Forming Partnerships in the Broader School Community and Beyond
  • What Will You Find in This Book?
    • Chapter 2 Overview: Literacy to Go
    • Chapter 3 Overview: StoryWalks®
    • Chapter 4 Overview: Word Gardens
    • Chapter 5: Overview Show Us a Sign! Students Use Signs to Solve Problems and Interpret Their World
    • Chapter 6 Overview: Literacy Trails
  • Try One Thing

Chapter 7: Make it Happen – Strategies and Resources to Help You Move Literacy Outdoors

  • Inspired and Ready to Get Started?
    • Administrative Support
    • Funding and Potential Donors
    • Partnerships