Read a Sample Chapter From Literacy Beginnings: A Prekindergarten Handbook, Third Edition


With Literacy Beginnings: A Prekindergarten Handbook, Third Edition, tap into young children’s curiosity to introduce them to the world of literacy in joyful, engaging ways.

In this sample, you'll have the opportunity to preview pieces of:

  • Section 1 - Living and Learning in the Prekindergarten Classroom.
  • Chapter 1 - Growing Up Literate.

    • Explore topics such as: The Emergent Reader and Writer, Finding Each Child’s Learning Zone, and The Essential Role of Play in Learning.

  • Chapter 9 - Supporting English Language Learners in the Prekindergarten Classroom. 

  • Chapter 19 - Learning About Letters and Words.

    • Review subjects such as: Learning to Look at Letters, Supporting Children as They Learn About Letters, and Inquiry Project: Community.