Thank you for exploring Industrial Age and Immigration, the newest addition to the Short Nonfiction for American History series, part of The Comprehension Toolkit.


Kids need engaging texts and resources they can sink their teeth into, and they need and deserve to hear their stories told in history texts. Industrial Age and Immigration (1880–1940) highlights multiple perspectives and diverse voices of this historical time period. The last section of this resource, from the 1960s on, includes articles illustrating present-day perspectives, events, and issues surrounding immigration and innovation.

In this sample, you will find:                                                                                      

  • Table of Contents      
  • Introduction
    • Correlation Chart to Social Studies Strands
    • Lesson List
  • Lesson 4: Read and Analyze a Primary Source
  • Lewis Hine: What the Camera Captured
  • Primary Source: Excerpt from Lewis Hines’ Report Child Labor in the Canning Industry of Maryland. July, 1909
  • Breaker Boys “I Could Not Do That Work and Live”