Expanding Literacy Cover

Storytelling is humanity’s most universal form of communication, from oral cultures to literate cultures, transcending all languages. Digital storytelling is the capacity to communicate using text, sound, music, and imagery––still and moving. It offers new pathways to communicate effectively and meaningfully.

How can we make meaningful, thoughtful digital storytelling a standard, best practice in schools?

Brett Pierce takes you on a journey into the deeply engaging world of digital story creation, providing a new outlook for why Digital Storytelling is critically important and how to integrate these processes seamlessly in the classroom.

In this sample, you will find:

Chapter One: The Rationale for Making Digital Storytelling a Normative Classroom Practice 

  • The Setting: A Glancing Peek into Our Digitized World
  • The Action: What Is Digital Storytelling?
    • Digital Storytelling and Educational Equity
    • Digital Storytelling and a Participatory Culture
    • Amplifying Student Voice
  • The Conflict: Can We Teach This Without Formal Training?

Chapter Five: Making It Happen in the Classroom … Seamlessly

  • Taking the Dive: The Risks and Rewards 
    • Student Ownership: “It’s Worth the Risk” 
    • Engagement Precedes Learning