Content Literacy


Teach content area comprehension skills in grades K-2

When students learn sure-fire reading comprehension strategies, their growth skyrockets. When you have a plan for teaching them through high-quality lessons, so does your peace of mind.

The lessons in Content Literacy: Primary teach and reinforce the most important strategies for helping students in grades K-2 become more knowledgeable, confident readers. The classroom-ready lessons in this book focus on six research-based comprehension strategies:

  • Monitor comprehension
  • Activate and connect to background knowledge
  • Ask questions
  • Infer and visualize meaning
  • Determine importance
  • Summarize and synthesize

Download a sample to see how Content Literacy: Primary can make content area comprehension instruction easier and more meaningful in your classroom.

In this sample, you’ll find:

  • An overview of the lessons and related skills taught
  • A look at how comprehension develops for younger learners and how teachers can support this process through instruction
  • A free lesson to try right away (Lesson 6: “Read to Answer a Question”)