Thank you for exploring The Artful Read-Aloud.
By Rebecca Bellingham

artful read aloud


In this sample, you will find:

  • Introduction
  • Principle Ten: Choose Wisely Being intentional about your choices
    • Tip 28 Remember It’s an Orchestra
    • Tip 29 Be Intentional
    • Tip 30 Respond to Who’s in Front of You

Reading aloud to your students supports a balanced, rigorous, and joyful literacy curriculum that not only feeds the souls and minds of your students but your own as well. Dip into The Artful Read-Aloud and see what’s possible inside your daily read-alouds. By learning to make simple moves that model what real reading looks and sounds like you can help your students become the kind of readers all of us hope they will become: engaged, thoughtful, lifelong ones.